Friday, July 26, 2013

Alright, on three... everyone say, 'Let's bash the Bosche!'

Today we bring you a quickie... 'tis a nice group shot of the 1st Aero Squadron with one of their Salmson 2A2s.

San Diego Air & Space Museum

We've been able to identify only one of these fellas, namely Lt. Arthur E. Easterbrook, the main subject of our previous installment. He's standing seventh from the left... here's a closer look...

San Diego Air & Space Museum

Actually, we *think* we've been able to identify another member of the squadron as well, but are not totally sure. This may be Snoopy's cousin, the pooch shown in the photo we shared a few weeks back which sparked this whole 1st Aero Squadron business. Again, we're not sure that it is indeed Snoopy's cousin, but he does, at the very least, look akin to the chap.

San Diego Air & Space Museum

Fade to Black...

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