Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Wayback Machine is Code 2

Well, he's done it now. Your blogmeister has a tendancy to twirl the dial on the Wayback Machine a bit too quick-like, and he's gone'n done-busted the dang thang. Oh, it still works... but it ain't workin' proper-like, if ya take our meanin'. So today we bring you something a tad different than the usual fare.

Sometime back we came across a number of photos from the year nineteen-hundred and fifty-seven, showing two Great War wannabes keeping company with some RF-84s and a single T-33 of the Tennessee Air National Guard. In this installment of 'Stringbags' we present one of those photos.

Your blogmeister has yet to break out the pick and spade, so we can't tell you anything further... for the moment... except maybe to say that these two biplanes look to be replicas of a Fokker D.VII and a Nieuport 28, and that we will share more shots of each in the future...

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