Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to the 1st...

Alrighty... a while back we had a series going that focused on the USAS 1st Aero Squadron, but took a short break from said series and posted a few random things before your blogmeister took a general break from 'Stringbags' altogether.

Today we resume our series on the 1st Aero Squadron with a few photos from the Arthur J. Coyle collection within the San Diego Air & Space Museum archives. Some of you may recognize the name 'Arthur Coyle', as he was mentioned in one of our earlier installments... Coyle, who was credited with three victories, was piloting the crate named 'Gertrude A' when gunner Arthur Easterbrook scored his fifth victory on November 4th, 1918. (Take a looksee HERE.)

Anyhoo, as mentioned, here's a few random photos from the Coyle collection. We have no further info for any of them at this time, other than to say that the third shot shows not a Salmson of the 1st AS, but rather a British SE.5.


All photos: Arthur J. Coyle collection - San Diego Air & Space Museum

More 1st Aero Squadron stuff to come!

Fade to Black...

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