Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Today we bring you a groovy air-to-air photo of one Leutnant Otto Kissenberth of FFA 9b (FFA = Feld-Flieger Abteilung) cruising over Colmar in his Fokker D.II, circa 1915.

Kissenberth went on to command Jasta 23 and score a total of twenty victories, the last of which was gained on May 20th, 1918 while flying a captured Sopwith Camel! Nine days later he was severely injured in a crash of this same Camel and his combat career came to an end. Kissenberth, an avid mountain-climber, (evidenced by the 'Edelweiss' emblem that normally adorned his personal aircraft) died in August of 1919 after a fall while indulging in his favorite pastime.

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