Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Motley Bunch

Today we bring you a photo with alotta character... and it shows some characters, too. Generally we like to try and pretty up most of the images we share, but in this case we've left things untouched... except for some fooling about with levels and saturation to help the details show through decades of fading.

Anyhoo, the photo shows an Avro 504 of either the Royal Flying Corps or maybe the very early days of the Royal Air Force. The original image was found on a forum, and the fella who posted it seemed to think that it's a post-war photo... if so, then it would be RAF and not RFC.

The fella who posted this photo on that forum (HERE) was also looking for more info as to the who, what, where, why, when, and how of it... but, sadly, the thread received no replies whatsoever. As your blogmeister has mentioned in the past, he loves these early birds, but knows relatively little about them. So we present this here both because it's a groovy photo, and also in the hopes that someone with a bit of specialized knowledge will see it and be able to help the guy from that forum out a bit...

Fade to Black...

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