Saturday, August 11, 2012

Crooked Cross

Today we bring you a nifty shot of Leutnant Paul Billik of Jasta 12 and his early-production Albatros D.V. Billik finished the war with 31 victories to his credit and may have been awarded the Pour le Merite (Blue Max) had he not been shot down and captured on August 10th, 1918. He continued on into civil aviation after the war and was killed in a landing accident at Staaken, Berlin on March 8th, 1926 while flying a Junkers F.13.

Project 914 Archives

And no, the crooked cross on his Albatros had nothing whatever to do with the National Socialist movement. That symbol which has come to be reviled the world over used to actually represent a number of good things, hope and good fortune among them, before Herr Schicklgruber and his cronies adopted it as their own...

Fade to Black...

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