Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Nieuport at Langley

Shortly after entering the First World War in April of 1917, the U.S.A., woefully unprepared for war in the air, had to play a game of catch-up and began evaluating foreign aircraft to produce under license at home and for use 'over there'.

Among the many types evaluated was the Nieuport 17. The following photos show Lt. Emmanuel Lemaitre of the AĆ©ronautique Militaire, one of twelve French airmen sent to the U.S.A. in June of 1917 as instructors, looking over Nieuport #2474 with Capt. J.C. Bartolf of the U.S. Army Signal Corps' 5th Aviation School Squadron at Langley Field in Virginia.

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

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